Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Spam in Allium

This is all that remained of the post-christening refreshments.

We had them in the chapel vestry so when drawing up the menu, attention had to be paid to the logistics involved. The refreshments had to be equally tasty eaten cold, not too fussy, not too fragile, and easily transportable as they would have to be schlepped on public transport, together with five bottles of fizzy, non-alcoholic equivalent, ice, champagne goblets and a baby in a buggy.

As the last oven tray was sitting cooling ready to be packed, Mummy realized that there was also an irresistible opportunity to make a gastronomic pun on one of my middle names. So the chorizo, chive and spring onion tartlets became 'Spam in Allium' and the decadent Nutella brownies 'O Nutella (de)Lux(e)'. Sadly blood oranges were not in season for some 'O Agrum Convivium'.

Here's what else was on the menu:

- Buffalo mozzarella, vine tomato and basil sticks
- Feta and artichoke tarts
- Puff pastry pinwheels with assorted fillings, including prosciutto, ajvar (Balkan red pepper tapenade) and salami, black olive paste, Maltese sundried tomato tapenade
- Spicy crab dip with onion crackers
- Whisky sticky toffee cake

While the rest of the menu was devoid of execreable puns, there was an additional reference to my creation myth. The Maltese sundried tomato tapenade came from Margot's, the Valletta pizzeria where some members of the choir celebrated their successful tour, exactly nine months before my official due date.

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