Wednesday, 5 December 2012

A trip to North Yorkshire

The first part of our travels this summer (first week of August) brought us to North Yorkshire. This was my first proper holiday. Mummy had a singing gig and Papa was chauffeur and babysitter. We stayed in a residential college with a sports complex, where I was almost literally thrown into the deep end. I am sorry to report that things did not go swimmingly.

Fortunately, new experiences of the gastronomic variety were much better received. Here's some of the fun stuff that I tried for the first time around Yorkshire :

- scallops, salmon, haddock, pork pie pastry
- peas, pea puree (adult version), potato, green olive tapenade
- watercress
- tiramisu, Sachertorte

Lobster risotto, seafood platter, beef dripping fried chips
I got to try some of the fish from the seafood platter pictured. There was also a gorgeous plate of scallops but my parents were too busy watching me for possible shellfish allergy and concomitant anaphylactic shock to take a photograph. 

I enjoyed all the exciting new foods. But evidently, my parents forgot to read the chapter in the childcare manual that says you should only introduce potential allergens like shellfish, wheat, eggs, chocolate, caffeine and alcohol when the child is at least a year old.

Do real men eat cupcakes?
I am also pleased to report that my parents survived the logistical challenge of transporting me around the country. It did involve packing half the contents of the house into the car, and my paraphernalia - non-collapsible buggy, Bumbo, travel cot, car seat, toys, clothes and toiletries - filled virtually every available crevice. Bring on the next challenge, I say!

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