Tuesday, 11 December 2012

My new Uggs

One of Mummy's conspiracy theories is that she was actually picked up from the wheelie bin outside an Inuit igloo. That, combined with Papa's abnormal sweat gene, which I seem to have inherited, means that I am much more cold-tolerant than my tropical relatives could ever imagine. Indeed, my month in the tropics (which my recalcitrant Mummy has yet to blog about) was only made bearable by the copious application of air-conditioning. However, the recent dip in temperatures has proven a bit nippy, even for this household. So I'm thrilled with these fabulous Ugg boots, a gift from my great-aunt in Sydney.

They are lined with sheepskin and are lovely and toasty! Despite my best efforts, the Velcro closing stayed secure. Don't they go perfectly with my jeggings?

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